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Going for Beautiful Scenic Drives

Going for a drive with your friends and/or family is a great option if you’re looking to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s a nice thing to do on the weekends or holidays to get away from home and destress. Whether it’s somewhere on the coast, a place in the mountains, or any other beautiful scenic location you can think of, driving through such areas can be a fun, relaxing, and provocative experience.

When you’re planning to drive somewhere, you want to choose areas that are not congested by traffic. Crowded areas are more difficult to drive through and not ideal for being able to relax. They can also detract from the scenery, making it difficult to grasp the breathtaking views of the spot you’re visiting. A remote location with few people is much more pleasant for a drive.

Playing some calming, relaxing tracks in the car can make the ride more enjoyable and relaxing. You should also make sure to bring a camera, since it may not be very often that you visit the scenic landmark that you’ve selected as your destination. Taking pictures and videos once you arrive can be a great way to treasure some of the memories.

I recommend visiting national parks, since they offer large, peaceful areas filled with a wide array of plants and wildlife to observe and take in. Driving by a lake or the ocean can be another good option for a ride. You can also consider driving across bridges or through canyons. I enjoy the feeling that comes with riding over a bridge, seeing an almost endless view of water extending on both sides.

Scenic drives can be a therapeutic way to relieve stress by helping you get away from your daily thoughts and concerns and allowing you to appreciate the environment. If you don’t go on these types of drives very often, I recommend you do, since they can be a nice change in your life. Check out this article discussing more reasons why you should consider driving through nature:

You can also watch this video of a drive through a beautiful national park in Canada:

-- BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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