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The Art of Photography

Taking photos is something I like to do as a hobby. I usually do it when I’m out traveling or at an event with friends and family, but sometimes when there is something that catches my eye, I like to take a shot of it so I can treasure the memory of it. I wouldn’t call myself a skilled photographer; I just enjoy taking pictures. It is a form of art, and something I feel like you can get better at the more you engage in the activity.

I really enjoy taking pictures of beautiful visuals in the environment and breathtaking landscapes. This is especially true when I’m traveling somewhere on vacation. Taking pictures of landmarks during the daytime is one thing, but taking pictures at night when the stars and moon are present in the sky adds another dimension to photographs, in my opinion. That’s why I try to take pictures of the same attraction at different times of the day.

Keeping your hands still and being steady can sometimes be difficult to do consistently for those who are new to photography. It can be frustrating when your end result is a shaky photo. I’ve gotten better at staying calm and maintaining composure through practice. Getting the right angle can also be challenging. Sometimes you may just have to take multiple pictures to eventually get the result you’re looking for. Your choice of the tool you use to take a picture also makes a difference. If you’re invested in improving your photography skills, I would recommend purchasing a high quality camera rather than just using your phone.

After you’re done taking pictures, you can always edit out something you don’t like using an image editing software. I always find it fun to play around with these software and use my creativity to add new twists and enhance the photos I’ve taken. I personally like to use Canva if I'm interested in applying a simple filter, adding some text, or adding a simple animation to my picture. If I am looking to make realistic and sophisticated design changes, I look to use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop offers so many customization options that I'm still barely familiar with all that it has to offer. With the array of options available, you can turn a boring, ugly image into a work of art that you can use to impress others.

If you’re interested in photography, and want to improve your skills, I recommend reading this article on tips and tricks you can use for taking pictures:

Check out this video if you’re looking to learn photography basics:

-- BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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