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Staying Focused

I’ve had my fair share of moments where I felt my mind wander when I was in the middle of doing some work, and I’m sure you have too at some point. Staying focused can be a challenge sometimes. There are so many distractions nowadays with social media and the internet, and different thoughts always seem to be racing through our minds. However, we should try our best not to fall victim to things like procrastination and daydreaming, as they can take a toll on what we’re trying to accomplish.

One way to keep your concentration is to avoid multitasking. Whenever I try to multitask, I notice that I have a hard time giving my full effort to each of the tasks that I am doing. I’ve noticed that I do much better when I give my undivided attention to one task only. In this way, I can also feel good that I completed it and won’t have to worry about it afterwards. You can potentially prevent a situation like multitasking by creating a schedule and organizing what you need to do in advance. This will allow you to focus on certain things for periods of time rather than worrying about too many things at once.

Getting quality sleep can also help your ability to concentrate. Many of us stay up and neglect sleep, or we have trouble falling and staying asleep. This can definitely hurt our ability to pay attention the following day, making us feel tired and drowsy. Developing a consistent sleep routine can help reduce these issues and help you feel sharper.

Staying disciplined and avoiding getting sidetracked are keys to staying focused. You have to practice being mindful and staying in the present. You have to resist the temptation to watch a YouTube video or read an article at the expense of getting your work done. You can remind yourself of the negative consequences of not getting your work completed on time, or you could think about how your boss would react if he or she saw you wasting your time. You have to tell yourself that if you can concentrate and get your work done now, you can relax later.

I don’t think anyone can be perfect when it comes to staying focused all the time, but I believe we can all try our best to limit our distractions as best as we can. Here’s a list of 21 outside distractions that can limit your productivity:

--BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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