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My Experience With Air Travel

I have been on a handful of flights over the years. I usually go with my family members, when each of them can get time off from work or school to go on a vacation. I look forward to opportunities to travel by plane, because I do not get to go on them very often.

I have never had a seat in business class nor first class, though it is something I would like to try in the future. I prefer sitting in the window seat, since it is the easiest spot to capture the view outside the plane when it is taking off and landing. However, once the plane is well into the sky, there is not much to see outside. I have not been on many domestic flights around the United States. The ones I have been on only lasted a few hours and were not very memorable.

The international flights I have been on are often very long and usually involve a stopover or two. When I go on these long flights, I often find it hard to fall asleep. I used to be able to sleep better on planes when I was a small child, but as the years have gone by, I have found it to be more difficult. On my most recent flights, I have found myself avoiding sleep completely and turning myself to in-flight entertainment, or the small television screen on the back of the seat in front of you. It comes with a remote and a headset, and you can use it to play games, watch movies and television shows in several different languages, listen to music, and more. I like to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up on movies I have wanted to watch and play challenging games such as chess.

When I used to fly as a small child, I would get scared when the plane passed through zones of turbulence. I would buckle up my seat belt and think positive thoughts. As I went on more flights, I gradually lost most of the anxiety that comes with flying. However, I still do have my moments when I get tense flying through the clouds.

I like to indulge myself in the various snacks and sugary drinks the flight attendants offer, like pizza, ice cream sandwiches, and lemonade. I know others who are not fans of airline food, but I usually enjoy the food they have to offer, and I make an effort to at least try each item in the meal.

With the current ongoing pandemic, air travel has become increasingly difficult. I have not taken a flight over the past year because I have wanted to prioritize safety and avoid taking any risks associated with COVID. I do not plan to fly anytime in the near future, assuming that COVID will take a while to disappear. However, once it is safe to travel again without any hurdles, I would be interested in taking a trip somewhere that I have never visited. I think one place I would consider going to is Australia. I am interested in seeing the various environments and wildlife there, along with the types of people there and the cuisine.

Even though air travel can have its cons, I like to appreciate the times I get to travel around the world on an airplane. If you have never been on a flight, particularly an international one, I would definitely recommend it, as it can be quite the experience.

Here is an article from last year ranking the top international airlines:

--BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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