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Cuffing Season

As much as I try to avoid the reality of this tired, old cliche— it’s cuffing season. People around us are getting into relationships just as much as people say they are. And it’s something about this time of year.

The rapper Fabolous popularized the term in 2013 with his song, “Cuffin Season.” Ever since then, “cuffing” has been a seasonal phenomenon that somehow brings lovers together with the coming of cold weather.

According to journalist Petey Menz for the New York Times, cuffing season is “the time of year when temperatures drop, going outside becomes a hassle and having someone to cuddle with becomes a priority.”  I guess most of the population believes the weather outside getting colder means it’s time to find someone to cuddle up to. Makes sense.

A few years ago, Huffington Post released a funny article with a series of 8 graphs, mocking the popular belief in cuffing season. Here’s one:

All of the graphs have something to do with a coordination between temperatures dropping and people getting into relationships. Whether these graphs are serious, it’s obvious that people commonly believe cuffing season is a real deal.

But what if you don’t get into a relationship around this time of year? What if you just don’t want to? There are plenty of us who don’t find ourselves being approached by new lovers this season, and plenty of us who aren’t even open to the idea. I’m here to tell you that just because it’s cuffing season and people around you are getting into relationships, you don’t have to feel bad because you’re not.

Those of us who aren’t cuffed or looking to be cuffed can look at this season in a different way. And guess what, it’s going to be just as fun. For starters, we can look at cuffing season as “treat yourself” season. Usually, with the start of a new relationship, lovers buy each other gifts, do fun things, treat each other. Who’s to say we can’t do nice things for ourselves? The other day I bought myself some of Lush’s Halloween collection goodies. I don’t want a boyfriend right now, but I can be good to myself! Some other things you can do are find tasty autumn-themed recipes and make them for yourself and your friends, snuggle up with a blanket and a book in front of the fireplace, or decorate your home with cute fall decor to create yourself a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Another way we can look at cuffing season is more serious, more important to the bigger picture of our lives. For most, cuffing season means getting into relationships. But everyone, new relationship or not, should use the coming of cold weather to evaluate the relationships that currently exist in their lives. With the coming of winter, think about the people in your life, think about the relationships you are in, and decide if anything needs changing, like the weather. Are any of these relationships toxic, making you unhappy? If so, fix them or drop them all together. Do you feel like you’re drifting from people you really want in your life? Solidify your friendships. Doing something kind for a friend, like bringing over an apple pie and watching a cheesy Halloween movie, can do wonders for a friendship. This season, take a good look at the relationships you’re already in, especially if your priority isn’t getting into a new one. That’s a seasonal phenomenon everyone should be into.

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