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Inspiration for the Uninspired

During particularly busy or stressful times, like the holiday season, it's easy for us to get caught in a whirlwind and sacrifice the things that make us happy. But when life seems chaotic, that's when it's most important to make time for doing the things you love.

This week in particular, I found myself struggling for inspiration to write. I knew I wanted to write, because writing helps me relax, soothes my mind, keeps my happy. But I just couldn’t come up with something to write about. The stress of this time of year kept me from coming up with something. And there was this creeping fear inside of me that nothing I could think of was worth writing about.

So I looked for some inspiration online.

I came across an article that piqued my interest. The managing editor of Smart Blogger, Glen Long, wrote a piece recently called “The Only 6 Posts Worth Writing (And How To Totally Nail Each One).

The article is totally worth checking out if you’re a blogger and interested in making your blog posts more effective, or even if you’re interested in becoming a better writer, speaker, etc. It offers some great tips. However, something Long said in the opening paragraph is what made me say, "Wow, I totally feel that."

He says, "You quietly hope that this might be the post that finally rockets you to Internet fame, but it’s all you can do to suppress the creeping fear that people will completely ignore it—or even ridicule it.”

He mentions that creeping fear I was talking about. What if nobody cares? What if it isn't worth taking the time to do?

But here’s the lightbulb that went off in my head as I was reading this article: I think anything you want to write about is worth writing about. People in our world are connected in so many ways, that anything you write about will be relatable, and someone out there will care. The amazing thing about blogging is that people can read your blog and be reminded of something so important: they are not alone.

It’s crucial for us—whether we're sailing or struggling—to know we are not alone. Having someone to relate to can be extremely comforting, and healing.

From now on, when an idea pops into my head, no matter how big or small, I will write about it. Writing doesn’t only help me relieve stress, organize my thoughts, relax—I also know there's a possibility someone out there might relate to my writing, and that makes me feel good.

When I reminded myself that anything I wanted to write about was worth writing about, it prompted me to set some time aside to write. And yes, it took some weight off my shoulders. Taking even the smallest bit of time out of your busy day to do something that makes you happy is so important when you're feeling stressed. Whether that something is yoga, reading a book, calling a friend, taking a bubble-bath, or as in my case, writing, set some time aside to do it. You'll feel better, and in some way, it will be worth it.

Real Talk.

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