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Teaching Anything to Anyone

Learning new things every day is important, but imparting your knowledge and wisdom to others is equally as important. Whether it’s teaching someone how to do a homework problem, or lecturing an audience on a topic you’re highly qualified in, teaching allows you an opportunity to share your knowledge and make others successful. However, even if you’re a great learner, it can be difficult at times to teach others what you’ve learned.

When you’re talking to someone who is struggling to understand something, being very clear is important to helping them grasp what you’re saying. Trying to use simpler terms rather than complex ones when you explain is one strategy to help the person you’re talking to get a better understanding of what you’re talking about. Sometimes, words aren’t enough, and in these cases, using visual representations can help clarify and reduce confusion. If you’re trying to show someone how to do a math problem, for example, you can write out an example showing each step. You can even draw diagrams and charts, depending on the situation.

Making sure the person you are teaching or giving information to is engaged in learning is vital. This means that you must frequently check in to make sure that what you are saying is making sense to them. Creating an environment where they do not feel afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly those questions may seem, can make the person or people you are talking to be more comfortable.

I’ve had several experiences during school and college where I had to tutor someone or help a friend out with concepts that they were struggling with. One thing I noticed about such experiences is that they helped reinforced what I already knew, while also helping me build my communication skills. I encourage everyone to provide their knowledge to others, since it can be a fulfilling experience. Teaching is an invaluable skill that you can really get better at the more often you participate in it.

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-- BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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