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Staying Safe During the Pandemic

This COVID-19 pandemic has been a change for all of us. It’s been a wake-up call to follow good hygiene practices and safety measures. Even with the introduction of vaccines, we still need to be careful and follow the proper guidelines, not only to protect ourselves from the virus but the people around us as well.

There are times when you just can’t avoid having to go to places with several people, whether it is for work, school, shopping, or something else. One thing I like to do in these situations is bring a hand sanitizer with me. In this way, even if there isn’t a place to wash my hands, I can still keep my hands clean.

It’s important to always remember to wear a mask when you go outside. I like to carry an extra mask just in case. It really helps prevent the spread of the virus when people talk to each other. It’s also useful because it prevents you from accidentally touching your nose or your mouth. Touching your face is a bad idea, since it unnecessarily increases the chance of germs and potentially the virus entering your body.

I think it’s easy to forget the fact we need to keep a safe distance from everyone we interact with. However, this is one of the most important things we need to keep in mind in crowded areas. You should try to avoid crowded places if possible. Try to talk to people from a distance, and sit in a seat a few feet away from the next closest person. People also need to understand that we are social distancing for the benefit of the community, not just our own interest.

Try to meet friends outside rather than inside. If you have to meet people you aren’t with regularly in an indoors setting, be sure to wear a mask and socially distance. You may also want to try to be inside a well-ventilated area to ensure cleaner air.

There is hope that we can get back to normalcy sooner rather than later. President Biden announced plans to have all American adults eligible to be vaccinated by May 1st, with the goal of achieving a level of normality by July 4th. This vaccination effort can help make it easier for those who haven't had the chance to get one, as the population seeks to attain herd immunity. This also means that we are closer to reopening schools safely across the country, which will really help kids who have been struggling with their education during the pandemic. All in all, this 4th of July goal appears realistic and provides the much needed hope we need to overcome the pandemic.

As annoying as it may be at times to socially distance, wear a mask, and follow the safety protocols, doing so can really help everyone stay healthy and safe from this virus. If you’re interested in learning how to politely ask someone to follow COVID-19 protocols, visit this article:

--BitterSweet Coaching Guest Writer


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