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Outdoor Jogging Etiquette

Woman Jogging
Outdoor Jogging

Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are eager to return to our favorite outdoor activities. Whether it would be gardening, relaxing on a hammock, or taking walks along a trail. One outdoor activity that is both engaging and also good for you is outdoor jogging.

Sure, you have the treadmill, which is most popular during the frigid winters and the scorching summers, but nothing beats the feeling of actually being outside. Breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the nice breeze flow through your body. Research has proven that exercise is more enjoyable when done outside, and you don’t even have to abide by a gym schedule or drop a few thousand dollars on a treadmill.

Outdoor jogging also has its fair share of challenges. These challenges can also vary depending if you choose to jog on a track or out on the road. This is why knowing about these challenges is important before you decide to partake in outdoor jogging.

Jogging Into the Sunset
Outdoor Jogging

When running on a track, it’s important to know the distance of the track. The length of each straightaway is 100 meters, one lap around the track is 400 meters, and 1600 meters, or roughly one mile, is four laps around the track. If you are running on a track with others, make sure to run in the correct lane relative to how fast you’re running compared to others. A good tip to know which lane you should be in is the slower you’re moving, the higher the lane number you should be in. Another good tip is to never stop on the track, if you need to tie your shoe, have to make a phone call, or have a cramp, make sure you step off the track completely. One more good tip is to run in the right direction, which is usually counter-clockwise. This is also important because if you’re running in a counter-clockwise direction, make sure you pass other runners on the right if you feel the need to pass.

When running on the road, one important tip is to make sure you’re completely visible to drivers, since you’re most likely going to be sharing the road with them. To make yourself visible, wear bright colors like orange or lime green and wear a reflective vest/wearable LED light. This is especially important if you choose to jog at either the crack of dawn or the sunset. Another important tip is to run against traffic, meaning if your country drives on the right side of the road, jog on the left side, and vice versa. This is because cars have an easier time seeing pedestrians from the front compared to the back. Make sure you always respect vehicles, even if you have the right of way. This is important because a collision is always going to be worse for the pedestrian than the driver.

Some important tips for both the track and the road are to be more cautious if you choose to listen to music or podcasts when jogging. Since you might not be able to hear potential hazards, try listening to it at a lower volume. Make sure to also wear appropriate footwear especially if you choose to wear spikes for the track as larger spikes might damage the track.

I know, it’s a lot to take in when understanding the safety guidelines of outdoor jogging. But this is important to know because, with safe jogging, everyone is a winner.


Written By Daniel McRedmond

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