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Black Lives Matter

Enough is enough, except no one seems to give a f ∗ck.

Another sitting duck, accustomed to the news. One down, two, three, four, five. Lost count… Black lives continuously denied.

Emotions ensue: incensed, enraged, and fuming are a few.

Born free and equal so to speak. When will this hold true? Seems to depend on your hue.

Another life lost, tossed aside, a life deprived.

Now this movement has been revived.

He could have been your brother, father, son or friend.

Except skin differences seem to continuously offend.

Every few months a name appears, a video surfaces, another life ended.

Justice for humanity, justice for lost lives, please stop this insanity.

Enough is Enough

Where's the justice? Where's the justice? Where's the justice?

No justice, no peace. No racist police.

Instead life goes on, mass incarceration and discrimination persist.

The scale is tipped in the opposite direction.

Some question the officers' levels of force and range of discretion.

Deception exposed as more video footage unfolds from Philly to Buffalo to Washington to Minneapolis

How many black boys have to be missed?

Take charge and support the cause.

Demand real change. Resurge, Recharge, Emerge as a reckoning force.

Become the source to change the course.

Enough is enough.

Written May 2017 adapted June 2020


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