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Creating Spring

One thing I’ve been struggling with recently is the fact that it’s almost the end of April and there was snow on my car this morning. Where I live, in the middle of New York, it’s still freezing. But as far as I can remember, by this time of year, it’s usually at least twenty degrees warmer.

For some reason, it feels like spring just won’t come this year. And that’s upsetting to me, because I love warmer weather and notice a significant boost in my mood when it gets warmer outside.

So I’ve been looking for solutions. Ways to boost my mood in the way that it usually is around this time of year, except artificially. I’ve realized that there are little things I can do to remind me of spring even though the weather hasn’t quite caught up yet.

One easy but significant way I can change my surroundings to boost my mood is decorating my room differently. There are ways you can decorate your bedroom, or any room in your house, to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

For example, I bought four different types of light-colored flowers and put them around my room on different surfaces. Even though it didn’t feel like spring outside, it looked like spring in my room, and that made me happy. I also switched my fall and winter scented candles out for lighter, fresher scents, (I know, I’m a little late on this) and it instantly created a new atmosphere in my room.

There are so many ways you can redecorate to bring in a spring feel. In an article on called “Create a Relaxing Bedroom,” author Michelle Ullman says that a relaxing room can “restore your energies.” She also says that soft lighting, calm colors, plants, and minimizing electronics are great ways to create a peaceful room. Not only will redecorating or adding little things to your room boost your mood, but it will be a fun activity as well.

I keep trying to find ways to remind myself of spring, and I think it’s helping. Every little thing helps, like buying flower-scented air fresheners for my car and wearing brighter colors. If the outside world isn’t meeting our needs, we can shape the world around us with our own actions.

Real Talk.

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