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If I Could Change the World...


If I could change the world, there will be no homeless boys or girls.

Poverty would be erased and dreams would continually be chased.

Food would be in abundance for all and no cars would run using ethanol.

A world filled with knowledge where everyone pays their due tallage.

One with real consequences to those who exploit the populace.

Imagine equitable housing, employment and beginnings.

A true meritocracy exists where people would want to exist.

Young scholars and pedagogues would increase the soundness of this nation’s conversations.

Universal insurance is paramount where no one would have to worry about his / her bank account.

The rich would cease to prosper off the poor instead be required to teach their grandeur.

Envision equal access to education, wealth and opportunities as successional.

White, Black, Brown, Red equally represented by their House Congressional.

Punishment to serve its true purpose with rehabilitation as its focus.

Society tends to forget that two thirds of offenders return home, long prison sentences just increases the amount of rocks thrown.

Successful reintegration include access to employment, housing, community programs and education.

Unfortunately too many getting rich because the system has a glitch.

Private prisons emerge while black and brown people submerge.

Government is ever so complicit but most don’t care about the missing.

Companies even profit off their misgivings.

The New Jim Crow some call it.

Capitalism at its finest, how else could this continued bias persist?

Unity for a common cause would help solve,

But history has such big jaws.

Long lasting issues remain where people like me speak in vain.

Racism is the prism used as the wealthy continue creating all kinds of schisms.

Tax breaks and boosts for big businesses while the poor are continually reduced.

If only our youth knew and sought the full truth, take charge of their lives and continue to strive.

Everyone would learn real history and stop living in misery.

Well past 40 acres and a mule, how about a world that treats others with respect despite their hue.

Those who claim it’s not possible to right the wrongs from the past seem to forget so fast.

Systemic poverty and discrimination stem from social disorganization, a manifestation.

Consider social inequality a complete obliteration, no longer passed to the next generation.

With the marginalized crew receiving their fair due.

Righting the wrongs of the past, creating prosperous futures for the headstrong, making it lifelong!

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