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Free Webinar on Chronic Pain, Depression, and Anxiety

To raise awareness for chronic illness warriors, I founded BitterSweet: Real Talk. My mission is to help others turn adversity into triumph and live their best life now. I aim to raise national awareness for chronic illnesses and increase resources for children and adults who are affected. Hence, I am excited to share this special FREE webinar with you all. I’ve known Rocky only for a short while, but in the last few weeks, Rocky has proven that he can provide extraordinary and effective healing work with Chronic Pain, Mental Health, and Relationship Trauma.

As an advocate for people in physical and emotional pain, I recommend that you register for this wonderful FREE webinar. Rocky makes it so easy to understand this exciting information about healing. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. This is the real deal. Healing pain is possible and Rocky is the expert.

Please register quickly for this live event as soon as possible as there are only 48 hours left to the webinar itself.

You can register right away by emailing your intent to be part of this event at

The webinar will be hosted by Rocky, Carrie, and me:

Rocky Krogross: President of New Beginnings Therapy in Langley, B.C., Canada. Quantum Method Emotional Healing Specialist in Healing Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Relationship Trauma for over 15 years.

Rocky in action:Healing Chronic Pain

Carrie Turcotte – Founder, CEO, Counselor, Advocate at The Recovery Channel Worldwide Broadcasting Network, Facing Addiction Issues with Compassion and Love in the Spring Arbor University, Greater Detroit Area

Arlene Garcia, Ph.D – Founder at BitterSweet Coaching Educator, Entrepreneur Author, Motivational Speaker, Advocate in Danbury, Connecticut.

On behalf of Carrie, Rocky, and myself, I hope you can join us as a whole new treatment process is revealed that can help you be pain free physically, mentally, and naturally. Please see the following for webinar details: Be Pain Free Forever

Real Talk

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