The Power of the Forge

I believe in the power of the forge. All throughout our lives people reside in the comfort and saying of a single word…destiny, the prospect that everything they were meant to do in life was written in the stars. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown that drives people to believe in this ideal. But for me, I have always longed for the unknown. To discover what no one has none before, to tread a path no one has taken. People said that the path I walk through in life was chosen. I had a destiny like everybody else, a goal in life that when I completed, would result in my end. In order to escape these harsh ideals, I found a way to shape my destiny…the art of forging.

My escape from destiny first began hammering out a blade on an anvil. It’s flame tinted blade letting loose waves of sparks as I pounded relentlessly on it, trying to give it shape. Some sort of distinction that would symbolize it as my own. So, I carved my life into it. It’s edge, sharp and cold, a representation of anger. The handle, made of blood wood to symbolize pain, and the dull back side, a representation of strength and happiness. The blade which once gleamed like the sun had lost its color, the cold and brutal reality of life had reverted the blade back to its dark iron origins, and so I grabbed the now cold blade and put it back into the fires of the forge, its dead appearance now springing back to life as its dark iron color vanished in a wave of fire, a symbol of death, and rebirth.

A blade is like a representation of life, and we are its shapers. It starts out dull, unrefined, nothing more than a piece of iron with potential, the beginning. As the blade basks in the fire of the forge, and is hammered it begins to take shape. Its edges harden, and its shape becomes defined, the teen years. Then after years of serving its purpose, it dulls and rusts. The once bright blade turns dark, and becomes dust, death. Only the fires of a forge can bring it back to life.

Destiny is merely an idea. The forge is a tool, a physical thing we’re capable of grasping and using to shape our fate.

--Jonathan Holden

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