The Importance of Having Someone Listen

Over this gloomy year of 2020, I have opened my eyes to parts of my life I did not know existed. I go through life from checkpoint to checkpoint. My life filled with constant forward motion never allowed me to slow down or stop. Take that saying and compare it to a moving part in a machine. If put in constant motion, not allowed to stop it will gain stress and break. This leaves me to believe everyone has a breaking point. Where is yours? Hopefully, you cannot answer that question. If you cannot then it means you cope with stress well. Unfortunately, this week I have hit mine. The tremendous stress of today’s life has not sat well alongside my personal issues and family stress. I missed my chance to help myself when I could have used it because I did not have anyone to talk too.

Having someone listen to what you have to say can be all you need to let the stress of your chest. There are still so many positives, it can be empowering knowing you are the center of focus for a change. The person listening could have instances where they could relate to you and by human nature everyone, in a way, needs that. I have always felt I burden people with my problems once I started trying to talk about them. In my past, I never found an opportunity to talk to my friends about how I was feeling and with family because everyone else’s problems just seemed to be bigger than mine. I also had a bad habit of never reflecting on my life in any manner. These habits acted as tools that dug me deeper into a life that slowly was losing its will to thrive.

The first step is the hardest. Mine was admitting I haven’t been okay for a little while. Self-actualization before doing anything was a great way for me to start my process. None of it will be easy. Use all the support around you because you can never have too much. Love yourself because there are people who love the person you are!!

-Stefan Skok

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