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Music as an Escape during COVID

During these times of quarantine and isolation, it can often be difficult to feel calm and relaxed. Fear and frustration may creep in, and we may think to ourselves, “When, if ever, will I be able to go back to my normal life?” As difficult as it may be, it is important to find a safe haven amongst all the chaos that seems to be going on in the world today.

That’s where music comes in. I am sure almost all of us listen to music from time to time. But during this time period, it is much more valuable than it has ever been. Listening to music that you enjoy is one of the simplest and quickest ways you can start feeling better about yourself.

The genre of music does not matter. Whatever appeals to you is what is most important. For me, I find the music from video games and movies most appealing. I can find myself just listening for hours on end while I am working on something or reading. I may even just listen to a song while I’m sitting at home trying to relax.

Listening to a soundtrack can take me back to a specific moment in a game that I enjoyed while I was playing it, or it can take me back to a touching scene in a movie I watched in the past. There are particular songs or soundtracks that we’ve heard ever since we were children, and listening to these tracks can help bring us a feeling of nostalgia. When I listen to one of the songs I heard as a child, I feel as if I’ve just been transported to a different reality, one filled with complete joy and happiness. It is the power of music to transport our minds to times and places we are fond of that makes it most unique.

So, next time you’re feeling a little anxious or nervous in quarantine, consider listening to a few of your favorite tracks. It may just transport you to a time and place of joy.

-- BitterSweet Coaching

P.S. Check out one of my favorite soundtracks below!


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