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A Day in the Life with Raiane

My day as a life coach/artist starts around 7 AM, with an honest conversation with myself. In coaching, the foundational way to look at life is through dreaming what I want the future (near or far) to look like, declaring it (owning that it is not just a dream, but a tangible result I am actively working towards) and then going about living life, embodying the person who can get it done - like playing a character in a movie, except it is my own life’s story! Checking in with myself and my deepest desires first thing in the morning helps me understand how I need to show up, in order to make them come true.

At 9 AM, after the check in and a nourishing breakfast, I meet with my first client. I work with brilliant humans, who are deeply committed to building lives they love and being the protagonists of their stories. After an hour long one on one conversation, they leave with clarity around their thoughts and equipped to move forward in alignment with what they are aiming to create.

During the afternoon, in between client calls, I switch hats and go into creator mode: my current project is a debut EP, with seven songs I wrote and composed and which are being produced by incredible collaborators. Artistry and coaching are perfectly complementary to me: both are phenomenal tools to inquire about human nature, to understand our surroundings more clearly, to imagine what is next - in our lives, our communities and our world - and to create it.

At 6 PM, when my work day is complete it’s time for me to tend to other essential things: loved ones, my antiracist education, practices around joy and pleasure (like cooking and dancing) and, my absolute favorite, resting. I hold my days as sacred containers of transformation. They are the space where my dreams become my reality, and where I find opportunities to delight in being a living, breathing thing in the world, creating a ripple effect for others to do the same.

Raiane Cantisano is a Brazilian born (Rio de Janeiro), NYC based Ontologically and Trauma Informed trained life coach, a singer/ songwriter and actor. She is on a path to getting accredited by the ICF, as well as starting her educational journey as a doula. Her first EP comes out in March 2022 and it includes collaborators like Groove Temple, Tobi Weiss and Jeff Zacharsky. Her vision for the world is one of universal intimacy, so that every human being feels deeply witnessed and held wherever they may be.

You can contact Raiane at @raianecantisano on Instagram and at;


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