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The Best Fitness Trackers!

Fitness trackers enable you to make changes to your health by giving you data on your daily activity levels. The best devices are both comfortable and easy to use all day, every day. But which trackers give you the best information while providing easy use and comfortable wear? Thankfully, did the research for you.

A research team at set out to find the fitness trackers that were the simplest to use, the most comfortable to wear, and that offered the most useful data. After putting nine of the top models through three trials of four different tests, they compiled a helpful guide for buying a fitness tracker. They tested 87 different models and came up with a top 3. They determined the best fitness tracker for under $100, the best heart rate monitoring tracker, and the best heart rate monitoring and GPS fitness tracker. To find out what the top 3 picks are and for more information, check out the link below!

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