• Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Cellphone Mini Uv-Wand Sterilizer


    • The Principle of Sterilization: The use of high-energy ultraviolet light to break the double helix of DNA and RNA, so that bacteria can die or lose their ability to reproduce, and achieve sterilization.


    • Mini Design: The germicidal light is about 5g in net weight, which is compact and charged with charging head for apple and type-c. It can be used with the phone to carry with you, plug and play.


    • High Quality Light Source: Using high quality UVC light source, the light features efficient UVC short wave sterilization. The pure physical disinfection method is healthy with no secondary pollution and long service life.


    • Efficient Disinfection: Close to the surface of the object, sweeping back and forth for 1 minutes to eliminate 99% bacteria, efficient and fast.


    • Applicable to Places: The light can be used to disinfect for masks, elevator buttons, tableware, keyboards, water cups, etc, to ensure a safe environment at anytime anywhere.


    Name: Handheld Germicidal Lamp
    Color:  silver 
    Power:  0.4 W
    Size:  about 34*18*7mm/1.34*0.71*0.28in
    Ultraviolet wavelength: UVC 275nm
    The best sterilization distance: within 3cm
    Sterilization time:  1 minute
    Input voltage: DC3.7V
    Output voltage:  DC5V
    Net weight: 4g
    Uses: disinfection of masks, beauty supplies, feeding bottle, water cups, etc.

    Packing List:
    Disinfection Lamp * 1