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Oh What Will You Do?

Oh What Will You Do?

Order your signed copy of Oh What Will You Do? today. Oh What Will You Do? is a children’s book that will inspire young girls to dream bigger and achieve greater. Dr. Arlene Garcia, the author, describes in rhyming prose and with lovely illustration the countless career options available to young girls.


Encouraging positive attitudes, instilling the love of learning, and striving for success are at the core of this book. This picture book will help young girls explore numerous career paths and impact this world positively. The author is a strong believer in speaking things into existence. If there is a will, there is a way. The power of spoken word has helped guide her throughout her life. From a young child born with pneumonia who had a slim chance of survival to an autoimmune illness in adulthood, she always had a fighting spirit. Desire, dedication, and determination are at her core. Oh What Will You Do? was written to help young girls find their way in this world. Parents can help their daughters open their minds and begin to think positively about their futures. The mind is powerful: train and cultivate it to do whatever the heart desires: Dream, hope, inspire.


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