• CBD Vape Pen by Habit Crafted


    Containing 0% THC, our all natural vape pen provides 250mg of pure full-spectrum CBD. The disposable pens come in four flavors: Tropicana, Wild Berry, Banana & Orange Vanilla


    With its micro-dose servings, the vape pen offers you a quick, convenient way to reduce stress, anxiety, and help you relax and unwind anywhere you desire. 

    • Faster absorption than edibles
    • 250mg of pure CBD per unit
    • No GMOs, chemicals or solvents
    • Consistent flow rate 
    • 0% THC


    Usage Instructions:

    Simply inhale and watch the light glow for the 6-second timed release then blink, indicating the completion of a full dose.

    Lab Tested | Organic | Made in the USA